Your Story

A life history is our personal stories, experience we’ve had, what inspired and motivated our choices, our achievements and our hopes for the future. It is the recording and saving of your family and business histories to create a legacy for your children, grandchildren, relatives, libraries, museums and generations beyond.



It is the gift of a lifetime.


It connects generations.
Bruce Van Atta and Jeremy LittlefieldIt brings the past and the future together creating a lasting legacy.
It is a time capsule.
It is the chance to tell your story in your own words.
It is more than a genealogy.
It is one of the most valuable and lasting gifts you can give your loved ones.
It is “weaving together your life history one story at a time”.

Looking back and sharing your special memories can be both rewarding and entertaining. It will help you appreciate the richness of your life, the people that have been important to you and the experiences that have influenced you. It can be an exciting journey into your past.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has had an interesting life. Everyone’s life is worth remembering. Stories are lost as our memories fade.

Years ago I mentioned to a friend I would like to record her life stories. She said, “Why would you want to do that? There’s nothing interesting about my life, I wasn’t famous or anything. I don’t know what to say.” I said, “Let’s just give it a try.” She was very surprised she had so much to say as she was guided through questions. When the interviewing was done, she realized she had had an interesting life after all. Her health improved and she delighted in the fact her legacy would go on.Shirley Littlefield

As each of us dies, we lose one more valuable story if it is not saved. Each of you makes an impact on everyone in your sphere and beyond, whether you have children or not. Everyone has a story to tell.

Your history is who you are, who your children are, who your ancestors were.

As personal historians, we are curious about people, the journeys you have taken and what you have seen, done and learned along the way.

Petroglyphs are carvings in rocks made by ancient peoples who vanished, leaving behind these figures and symbols as silent mysteries for the admiration of all who follow. Early Americans consider petroglyphs sacred testimony of their ancestors. Personal historians are modern artists gently guiding you making your own petroglyphs come alive.